The 10-Day Startup's step-by-step instructions are a simple way to help get your business up and running with Acuity Scheduling, and present yourself as the professional you are.

Gavin Zuchlinski, USA, Founder, Acuity Scheduling,

The 10-Day Startup is a blueprint for how you can get your idea out of your head, into market fast. With the quick and easy Selz instructions you can set up a e-commerce store and list a product for sale in minutes. Then simply share on your favorite social media services and you can be making money the same day. This is startup paint-by-numbers.

Melissa, Australia, Community Manager, Selz,

Whoah! I have just spent 90 minutes with Sharyn Reesby, in a laser focused business coaching session. She is dynamite! Within the first 30 minutes she had my joy and my passion nailed into a niche of instant cash flow that is easily doable in the next 2-3 days. Minutes later a plan was mapped out for the next 4 weeks to build a very powerful foundation for my signature brand, upon which the rest of my business will be built, again more than doable in that time frame. Each step clearly laid out in front of me, she left no room for confusion or doubt - my mind was crystal clear. What a relief! The way forward for me is set, and with that so much of where I was spreading myself too thin evaporated. I am in awe of her skills, her knowledge and insight. I shall, without reservation, be recommending her. Work with her it’s a no-brainer. My heartfelt thanks to you Sharyn for your time and your love.

Hazel Moore, England,

It's well worth having time with Sharyn. She really helped me to get clear and think outside the box. I am very grateful to her for her loving kindness and understanding. Its a very powerful coaching session. If you are looking for support and direction I highly recommended it.

Anne O'Loughlin, Ireland

I am grateful for the clear and doable insights Sharyn provided. She is super sharp, amazing, and brought me so much inspiration to really get going on creating money for myself.

Katrina Borgstrom, USA

I had a great idea recently but I had no idea how to action it. I approached Sharyn and she guided me through the first steps. She coached me through defining my primary objective – something that was hazy to begin with. I now know exactly why I’m doing this, which is essential in ensuring I get the right things done. We ran through the process of defining my customer; the people who need to love my product for it to succeed. We narrowed it down from half the world’s population to a very specific handful of people. She helped to highlight the need for finding the fastest path to the biggest cash. It would be very difficult to continue my early intensity for years with very little cash incentive. Overall, she was extremely helpful

Tim Sheridan, Australia

WOW....oh...WOW, I was at a point in my life and business where I wasn't sure what direction to go. I instinctively knew what I should do and the course to follow in my business...turns out I didn't believe in myself. Sharyn's techniques and insight helped me to understand the value I can bring to my "citizens" and how to be of GREAT value and get paid for it. I also became very clear on what to do next. I now have a new calm and peace and confidence in how to create the life I want to live while helping others so the same. Thank you so very much Sharyn.

Regina L Floyd, Hawaii

She did an awesome job of breaking down where my heart lies and what I want to do to help serve others, while showing them how they can work towards their own freedom. I can help and coach them towards where they can use theirs gifts and skills to help others also. She also give very basic and broken down ideas to help work towards reaching that goal.

Dan Sisseck, USA

Sharyn is remarkably present and hold space beautifully. She uses powerful tools in her coaching sessions. She is a wise woman with a huge heart. Sharyn supported me in a challenging time when I felt stuck and helped me to deal with with my actual financial situation and my relationship with money and receiving. I highly recommend her work.

Anick Patry, Australia, Inspirational Speaker, Facilitator and Coach at Be You & Live your Calling,

Sharyn Reesby’s program has enabled me to focus my business by providing clarity around directions for growth and to ‘play’ at a different level as a result of my new wealth mindset. Sharyn’s simple, effective strategies and practical exercises are easy and fun to implement and have allowed me to work through the conscious and unconscious obstacles hindering my progress. Sharyn herself is an inspiration and a delight to work with and her generosity of spirit in sharing her immense knowledge knows no bounds.

Germaine Britto Silva, Australia

Thank you so much Sharyn Reesby for having so much fun with me today, coaching me to more clarity with your offer "Multiple Streams of Income Firestarter". It was so great to discuss the possibilities I have, to create different streams of income. So many activities and products that I can create, after just a bit more than a 1 hour talk! And it is not about hard work. Thank you so much for your help. I am so relaxed and I can feel the expansion! Wohoo. Better be going - homework is waiting!

Margareta Larsen,Denmark