Sharyn Reesby is a Business Coach and Practical Spirital Teacher who works with people all around the world. She is passionate about challenging convention to help her clients define their purpose, renegotiate their relationship with work and create multiple streams of income.

Her own experiments with work design include a 9 day fortnight and later, gaining confidence negotiated that down to down to 2-3 days week getting paid for 5 at full time contracting rates with other employers.

Sharyn is the author of an upcoming book, loves people and travel, a New Zealander by birth and accent she is at-large; currently based in Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia.

  • I was born in New Zealand. I haven’t lived there for over 20 years I haven’t lost my accent
  • I have lived in the UK, Turkey, Thailand, New Zealand and currently reside in Australia
  • I have been a temporary resident and tax payer of Turkey and owned property there in one of my passive income projects
  • I have been a product digital product creator most almost all of my career. My first digital product to market was Conveyancing Practitioner, for real estate transactions, it was on floppy disc I was 21
  • I travel extensively for work and pleasure and have visited over 50 countries. Egypt, Italy, Morocco and Cambodia are my current favourite countries to go to.
  • I love public speaking and have never had a fear of talking publicly.


You can find and connect with me through the Contact Us form on this website.