6 Pack of 60-Minute Prosperity Coaching (Skype)

As in mind so in manifestation. Learn the Law of Attraction principles and spiritual laws governing prosperity and develop your own prosperity formula. Discover your abundance and demonstrate your unique prosperity super power.

In this series of sessions you will get absolute clarity on prosperity principles, the prosperous mindset and have affirmations and Law of Attraction tools to work with the principles discussed. Sessions will be spaced out at your pace but every weekly is recommended, they are easily scheduled or updated.

There are six powerful prosperity lessons. In each 60-minute consultation over Skype we will start with prosperity declarations and affirmations, I will step you though the lesson and give you access to supporting material and make recommendations of other resources, we will discuss the lesson and handle questions as they arise.


  1. Session One: Why not be rich?
  2. Session Two: Out go the blocks to your prosperity
  3. Session Three: To have or have not
  4. Session Four: Money grows on trees
  5. Session Five: Prosperity's genie
  6. Session Six: The might flow of good

Each session builds on the one before and will bring new breakthroughs, insight and release old beliefs bringing forth greater confidence and resourcefulness and manifestations.


To give you all the tools to harness your mind to create a prosperity consciousness. Together we will uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you, unearth and reframe money, business or income opportunities, bring clarity to issues that have been plaguing you, unravel work, home or personal situations and relationships that have been challenging you.

You will leave each session with a great sense of clarity, ease and peace. You will feel renewed, re-energised, inspired and sure about your best next steps.


6 x 60 minute one-on-one Skype lessons.


Once paid for, your sessions can be booked in my calendar jump to the section "Pre-Paid Session via sharynreesby.com"select your service and pick an available slot. Sessions will be at your pace but I recommend one week apart. Sessions are easily rescheduled or updated.

Sessions (single consultation or multiple packs) can be booked and are valid up to (6) six months from the purchase date. They expire exactly six months after the purchase date. A month for our purposes is 30 days.


I've helped others I can help you too.


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