3 Pack of 60-Minute Psychic Readings (Skype)

Manifest your pathway. Get re-energised and inspired about your mind power.

In this series of psychic readings you will get absolute clarity on what you want in all the areas of life that matter to you. You will learn about the spiritual laws and subconscious mind power. As events come up we will reframe them, spiritual awakening will occur and you'll have absolute clarity on your pathway. Psychic readings will be at your pace, at a date and time of your choosing from my scheduler and they are easily scheduled or updated.

In each 60-minute consultation over Skype I will connect with you on the areas of your life that you are feeling stuck, unclear or doubtful about. I will discuss with you impressions and inspiration that come to me on anything that matters to you. Nothing is off limits.

Each psychic session will bring new breakthroughs, insight and release and build on each other bringing forth greater confidence and resourcefulness and manifestations. By the end of the 6th session we will just be refining and fine turning your map of where you want to go and you will be clear on the destination, what is important to you, the outcome and the exact steps to create using spirit science what you want ongoing.


Mind power and spiritual awakening. Together we will uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you, unearth and reframe money, business or income opportunities, bring clarity to issues that have been plaguing you, unravel work, home or personal situations and relationships that have been challenging you.

You will leave each session with a great sense of clarity, ease and peace. You will feel renewed, re-energised, inspired and sure about your best next steps. Old blocks and patterns will be released.


3 x 60 minute one-on-one psychic consultations.


Once paid for, your psychic readings can be booked in my calendar jump to the section "Pre-Paid Session via sharynreesby.com"select your service and pick an available slot. Sessions can be booked 48-hours after payment. Sessions will be at your pace but every 2-3 weeks is recommended. Sessions are easily rescheduled or updated.

Sessions can be booked and are valid up to (2) two months from the purchase date. They expire exactly two months (60 days) after the purchase date. A month for our purpose is 30 days.


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