Big Money Business Day (Skype)

Together over Skype we'll work together to create a Big Money Business - we'll smash though business obstacles, review materials and discover the fastest path to the biggest cash for your business or tackle a challenge that may be standing in your way or slowing you down in getting to done on a task or project. Or do you simply need an ace to go in to bat for you in a meeting or do you need to collaborate to create a business, project or creative pitch.

In this day we'll work together to agree goals and objectives for the day and then working one-on-one or co-creating with a team we'll blast through issues and skill gaps and raid my box of tricks for tools and ideas so that you can move forward with clarity and ease. At every turn I am looking to help you uncover more money, more growth and better outcomes.


Work together to create outcomes for you or your business to overcome any obstacle, create or optimise revenue, conduct strategic planning, get a project back on course, or develop a winning pitch and get you right on track to achieve your goal in alignment with your business and market.


1 x 8-hour day of my time. This is a single day where I am online working with you and the team. There is no email or followup coaching for this item. You are paying for eight hours of time on the day.

If your business is based in Sydney, Australia spending the day onsite may be possible for an additional fee.


Once paid for, your sessions can be booked in my calendar jump to the section "Pre-Paid Session via"select your service and pick an available slot. Sessions are easily rescheduled or updated.

This sessions is valid up to (2) two months from the purchase date. They expire exactly two months (60 days) after the purchase date. For our purposes a month is 30 days.


I've helped others I can help you too.


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