The prosperous universe

We live in an abundant universe, an abundant universe of all good. But when we think about prosperity and what it means to different people.

In his book, Prosperity, Charles Filmore shares the idea that everything is a manifestation of one primal substance. A super intelligent, radiant, substance. A substance which is transformable to meet any need, any desire, any activity directed to it. You may have heard this described as thoughts become things or as in mind so in manifestation.

The words you speak, the thoughts you think, the body you are manifesting, the world that we are living in, all manifestations of one primal substance. The substance responds to one thing, the mind directed toward it.

The substance is formed by thought, mind in action. There is a Law of Mind Action. The thoughts that we are holding in our mind are producing after their kind in our world.

You have the key to all riches and the reason for all lack lies in your thoughts. Which in turn are what is determining the manifestation of substance in the world. So back of all material forms is this infinite substance.

Our task is to make right contact with that spiritual energy. Our thought work then is to bring our thoughts into alignment with that flow of infinite substance. Mind itself is a form of this radiant living energy. The substance is absolute good and responds to it's kind. It has no choice but to give because that is it’s nature.

When that substance is formed by thought and translated into manifest form then we call it matter. Matter is formed substance.