I'm seeing Richard Branson tomorrow, you can too. Otherwise here's his top 65 business lessons.

The National Achievers Congress kicks off tomorrow in Sydney and welcomes some of best in local and international speakers on entrepreneurship. Richard Branson will be taking the stage along with my one time one mentor Gerry Robert, author of The Millionaire Mindset and the brilliant FOREX guru Greg Secker amongst others

If you can't swing by the NAC to see Richard Branson in person here are 65 of his top lessons learned in starting and maintaining a business, freshly squeezed.

In my progress from full time employee to Business Coach nothing has been more valuable than his tip #47: Surround yourself with great people. Everything started happening for me when I decided 1) I wanted to play at a different level and 2) I wanted to choose who I played with for work and income. Nothing brings me more joy than creating with the best I have met.

Get along to the National Achievers Congress in Sydney or Melbourne if you can, you will likely walk away with one or more ideas that changes the course of your life.

This article was first published on linkedin.com in 2015