I help people to create their own economy through startups, business or product creation by finding the fastest path to the biggest cash - halve their work hours and double their income. In my coaching program people escape the 9-5 and create high growth businesses and multiple streams of income that leverage their purpose, strengths and passions. More money. More freedom.

Sharyn Reesby

It's well worth having time with Sharyn. She really helped me to get clear and think outside the box. I am very grateful to her for her loving kindness and understanding. Its a very powerful coaching session. If you are looking for support and direction I highly recommended it.

Anne O'Loughlin, Ireland

I am grateful for the clear and doable insights Sharyn provided. She is super sharp, amazing, and brought me so much inspiration to really get going on creating money for myself.

Katrina Borgstrom, USA

I had a great idea recently but I had no idea how to action it. I approached Sharyn and she guided me through the first steps. She coached me through defining my primary objective – something that was hazy to begin with. I now know exactly why I’m doing this, which is essential in ensuring I get the right things done. We ran through the process of defining my customer; the people who need to love my product for it to succeed. We narrowed it down from half the world’s population to a very specific handful of people. She helped to highlight the need for finding the fastest path to the biggest cash. It would be very difficult to continue my early intensity for years with very little cash incentive. Overall, she was extremely helpful

Tim Sheridan, Australia